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G&S English のインターナショナルプリスクール

Welcome to G&S English International Preschool
Here at G&S our aim is for the children here to have fun, learn to be creative and enjoy studying in English speaking and homely environment. Our schools have dedicated teachers, both Japanese and foreign, who will take care of children, providing a safe and fun area to learn and play.
As well as learning to speak English by native speakers, the children are encouraged to think for themselves, to create art, play music and participate in games, as to learn both independence and working in groups. Throughout the year various activities are organised to broaden the children’s awareness, from excursions to swimming and seasonal events.

ようこそG&S Englishインターナショナルプリスクールへ!



G&S English のインターナショナルプリスクール

G&S classes encourage English to be spoken as much as possible at all times, which is imperative for your child’s English development. Classes are structured to include activities important for your child and to give stability over the years they attend the school. The complexity of language taught and expected of the children during ‘Circle Time’, ‘Writing’ & ‘Phonics and Reading Time’ is appropriate to the children’s age, understanding and ability.
The curriculum is based of interesting themes over the year and are designed to stimulate your child’s interest and to coincide with field-trips and annual events.
Children start International Preschool from 1 years and can stay until they leave for elementary school. In this time we try to prepare them as much as possible with the necessary skills for school life and to teach them English.

G&Sのクラスでは英語のレベルアップに最も効果的なルールとして”いつもできる限り英語を使うこと”を徹底して奨めています。授業はG&S Englishの一貫性ある、お子様にとって必要なアクティビティを盛り込んで構成しております。サークルタイムやライティング、フォニックスやリーディングの時間に使われる英語は、お子様の年齢だけではなく、理解力や英語力にあわせ、複雑さも盛り込んでおります。
G&S Englishのカリキュラムは常に子どもたちの関心のあるテーマ基礎とし、年間行事や遠足などのイベントと併せて子どもたちの知的好奇心を最大限に刺激します。


G&S English のインターナショナルプリスクール G&S English International Preschool classes are based on 3 age group ranges Kinder Cubs (1-2yrs), Kinder Searchers (3-4.5yrs), Kinder Kings (4.5-6yrs).
Goals differ for each age group, and also for each child. As all children are different and all learn and develop at different speeds, classes are kept small to identify the areas which each child need more or particular attention.
Throughout the years the children attend G&S the goals they hope to achieve are, among others;

G&S Englishインターナショナルプリスクールは次の3つの年齢グループに分かれています。キンダーカブ(1−2歳)、キンダーサーチャー(3-4.5 歳)、キンダーキング(4.5-6歳)

Separation 母子分離

Taking the first steps to separating from Mum for the first time. Learning to trust the teachers and the new environment around them.


Early Age Development 幼少期の発達

There is much to learn as children, move from home to a school environment. Here they will learn to sit on chairs and focus on the teacher for a sustained period of time. Learning daily routines. Toilet training. Motor skill development , using pencils, crayons, scissors and other apparatus for perhaps the first time.

お子様はご家庭から学校へと環境が変わる事で学ぶ事がたくさんあります。G&S Englishに来るとお子様は持続してイスに座り、先生に注目することを学びます。一日の流れ、トイレトレーニングを習得したり、えんぴつ、クレヨン、ハサミなど道具を使うことで運動技能も成長して行きます。

Environment & Making Friends 環境とお友だち作り

Understanding a new environment also requires understanding new rules. Inside the classroom and outside walking to the park, the students will learn about safety and to appreciate the environment they inhabit.
Learning about politeness and etiquette is also very important. Understanding it is important to conduct yourselves during play time, learning time, how sit and eat at lunch as well as throughout the day are important rules of behavior to learn.
Safety, of course, is of the upmost importance, therefore the children will learn about road safety and also safety within the classroom.
Our students will meet new friends for the first time, and here they will learn how to behave and respect others. Playing together, sharing and also helping each other through their studies will help them to grow bonds with their teachers and peers.



G&S English のインターナショナルプリスクール

Children start International Preschool from 1 years and can stay until they leave for elementary school. In this time we try to prepare them as much as possible with the necessary skills for school life and to teach them English.
Our curriculum incorporates all key learning areas;



Listening & speaking リスニング&スピーキング

engaging in conversation and asking and answering questions.


Reading リーディング

From ABC’s to sight-words and flashcards. Phonics and reading student-reading books.


Writing ライティング

Using workbooks which increase in difficulty as the children’s progress, they learn to read and write and color and understand the questions and instructions throughout the books.


Motor Skills & Problem Solving 運動技能&問題解答

Learning to use hand-to-eye co-ordination, and using scissors, holding a pencil and to use chopsticks as well as being able to put on their own shoes etc. Solving problems through puzzles and games.

ハンド・トゥ・アイ コーディネーション(目と手の連携動作)を身につけます。ご自分で靴を履くこと、 ハサミの使い方、鉛筆の握り方やお箸の使い方を学びます。パズルやゲームの中で問題を解くことを学ぶ事で学習します。

Math 算数

learn basic skills from counting to making calculations, reading graphs and more.


Culture 文化

Learn about the world around us, history and cultures by our interestingly themed program.


Creativity 創造力

Art and craft time is a chance for the children to make something or express themselves through art, based on the the monthly theme.


Exposure エクスポージャー(接触)

Being in an environment with native speaking teachers will allow the children to learn new words and phrases in a natural way, which can’t be taught from text books. The children’s listening will adapt to catch English spoken at a natural speed and will be encouraged to speak in English to their friends throughout the day, in all activities.

お子様はネイティブの先生と一緒に過ごす中で、自然なかたちで新しい言葉やフレーズを学ぶことができます。 それはテキストからは学ぶ事は出来ないような体験です。

Special Focus

As well as the fundamentals of a school curriculum, we try to go further to broaden the children’s inquisitiveness in the world around them.
Through music time the children will learn to play simple songs on the piano, learn to keep a beat with percussion, make their own instruments, as well as being introduced to other new instruments played by invited musicians.
Everyday we go to the park to exercise the kids legs, but twice a month we go on a Big Walk, for an extended length of time. Either to the library or for a picnic, or to somewhere connected to the monthly theme, these walks are enjoyed by all the children. In addition, throughout the year we have special field trips, to the zoo, airport, butterfly garden etc.
Each month the children learn some new songs connected to the monthly theme. The children love singing and dancing! In order for mums to be able to sing and dance with the children at home, we encourage you to join the teachers twice a month for Dance With Mums time. A brief period during the class when mums can come and learn the new dances with their children.
The use of technology is also encouraged at G&S from a young age. Using electronic tablets as a learning tool is one way of learning how to use new apparatus. Older children will be given the chance to use the school computers, where they will learn to type, search and print.
Children love to cook, twice a month we have cooking days where the children can learn to cook new foods, as well as learning about the ingredients and hygiene.
The children are given a lot of freedom to express themselves through Art. Some activities will have a set goal, something specific we try to create, and other times the children will be given materials such as paint, clay, old boxes to use and create whatever they wish.
At G&S English we have a proven curriculum that incorporates all the key elements for your child’s development, whilst we really encourage each child to be an individual, to make choices and to evolve at his/her own pace.

G&S Englishのカリキュラムはお子様の成長にとって重要な要素を取り入れ、お子様それぞれの個性、選択、ご自分のペースで展開きるように勧めています。

プリスクールレッスン ご紹介

G&S English のインターナショナルプリスクール

Our daily schedule has been designed to be interesting and engaging for the children. Whilst including essential components for the children’s development, the focus of the curriculum is learning English and preparation for life.



Free Play 自由あそび

Meet and talk with your friends and teachers. Unpack bags, say goodbye to mums and get ready for the day.


Morning dance 歌・ダンス

Good morning and welcome dance, and monthly themed dances.


Circle time サークルタイム

Asking and answering questions, learning new sight words, weather, numbers etc. Talk about the monthly theme.


Toilet time トイレの時間

Regular toilet times and hand washing. Toilet training for your students with help from our licensed Teachers.


Park 外あそび

Go outside for fresh air and exercise. Practice road safety and visit other interesting places, fire station etc.
*sometimes Big Walks are scheduled, extended park time to visit the library or have a picnic outside.

*遠出(Big Walk)をすることもあります。パークタイムを延長して図書館へ行ったり、ピクニックをすることもあります。

Lunch ランチ・自由あそび

Lunch is provided by the school. Freshly cooked on the premises, the lunch is healthy and has been designed to introduce the children to an international menu.
Or a bento service is provided. This depends on the facilities at the school and the number of students.


Tooth brush 歯みがき

We brush our teeth after lunch and gargle after trips outside.


Work book time ワークブック

Writing time. The children work through their books at their own pace, assisted by the teacher.


Activity クラフト・アート・ゲーム等

Based on the monthly theme, activities are designed to encourage individual creativity and to stimulate the children’s interest. Daily activities are varied, including;


Craft クラフト

Making something to take home and enjoy.


Art アート

Individual work in their sketch books or working as a group, painting, drawing and learning to express themselves.


Music ミュージック

Learning a new song on the piano and percussion instruments.


Games ゲーム

Learning to win and lose and enjoy games with friends.


Phonics & reading フォニックス、絵本

First learning phonics, and sight words, then reading through the oxford reading books series


Goodbye さようならの時間

“ Did everyone have a good day”?
Let’s review the day and get a reward sticker in our daily report book. “See you tomorrow”!


インターナショナルプリスクール 生徒の声

Serina’s Mum. ( Serina age 4 )




クラス キンダークラス(1~6歳)
日数 2~5日/週
受講料 40,000~60,000円/月
教材費 15,000円/回(年間2回、前期と後期に購入頂きます)
施設料 2,500円/月
お気軽にお問い合わせください。06-6398-7949 無料体験レッスン